Why Jubilee is a Fitness Affiliate, and that’s not changing anytime soon…

Why Jubilee is a Fitness Affiliate

and that’s not changing anytime soon…

Over the last several months, Fitness HQ has made multiple decisions that have left Affiliate Owners and Fitness enthusiasts alike scratching their heads and asking “What are they thinking?!?”.

With each decision, there has been a large public outcry, with many Affiliates threatening to jump ship – claiming that the Fitness Brand no longer provides enough value to their business for them to continue to carry the name.

For those who may be unaware, Fitness HQ has taken bold steps over the last year to minimize their focus on the “Sport of Fitness” – the very sport that they created and popularized. They’ve changed the structure of the Road to the Games and have greatly scaled back The Fitness Games themselves.  They’ve pretty much done away with their entire media team, changed the entire look and feel of the .com website, and most recently abruptly shut down their facebook and Instagram pages.

It almost feels like an identity crisis – but, it’s really more of an identity clarification.

You see, Fitness’s mission all along has been to improve health and fitness through education, research, philanthropy, and advocacy.  The recent steps made by HQ are a bold realignment of the values that will aid them (and us as Affiliates) in the fulfillment of that mission. Fitness’s Founder, Greg Glassman, stated this very eloquently when he said, “We sit collectively in unique possession of an elegant—and I mean in the mathematical sense of marked by simplicity and efficacy—a uniquely elegant solution to chronic disease. Right here. And that’s what’s happening in your boxes (aka Fitness gyms). You thought it was about the fitness. It’s really not.  Each box, each gym is a lifeboat in what is a tsunami of chronic disease.”

Never has the message of Fitness HQ aligned more closely with the vision and mission of Jubilee Fitness & Nutrition – to improve Alabama’s national health rankings from bottom 5 to top 5 by helping people build a positive relationship with fitness and nutrition so that “healthy living” just becomes living!  Our mission is bold and our vision is vast – but we are well equipped to meet the challenges at hand.  Aligning our brand with others like Fitness whose values, vision and mission so closely match our own is a no-brainer.  

Our clients are a diverse bunch – representing a vast array of ages, shapes, colors and sizes.  While each individual has a personal reason(s) for pursuing fitness – none of them came to Jubilee hoping to become competitive in the Sport of Fitness.  All of them, however, are interested in moving themselves closer to wellness, in an effort to build a margin of protection against the ravages of time and disease.  By following a well-designed fitness and nutrition plan that suits their lifestyle and taste preferences, they are achieving just that – and we are honored to be their guide.

We are Fitness, and we are PROUD.

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