The Future of fitness Jubilee…

Dear Tribe,

I am a bit numb as I write this.

You have likely heard by now that the CEO of fitness, Greg Glassman, made an incredibly insensitive comment on twitter this weekend, in response to a post about racism being a public health issue.  I have spent much of the weekend in deep thought, prayer and in communication with some of the best business mentors on the planet to try and clarify what that means for the continued relationship between Jubilee and fitness.

Greg and fitness have done so many amazing things over the years – changing the landscape of fitness, providing vital education and inspiring more trainers to help fight against chronic disease, and even taking up legal arms against Big Food, whose interests are in keeping people sick and addicted to unhealthy foods/beverages. Despite PR blunders in the past, the overall mission of fitness has aligned with the Vision and Mission of Jubilee, so we have been proud to align our brand with that of fitness. In fact, I can say with certainty that Jubilee Fitness and Nutrition would not have come into existence without fitness.

That being said, an organization is only as strong as its leadership and when leadership is unwilling to think before they speak, unwilling to listen to those they represent, and unwilling to lead first with their head and then with their heart, they break bonds of trust.

Our affiliation with fitness is set to expire at the end of June; we are not yet certain whether we will renew and continue our relationship with the fitness brand. We do not wish to be hasty and act out of emotion, but we will not stand for discrimination or bigotry.

If we do not reaffiliate, you will see the name “fitness Jubilee” replaced with another name for this training program. Other than that, very little will change, as fitness is not our brand – it is simply a label to describe our training methodology.

No matter what, Jubilee will continue to be a No Wake Zone – a safe, inclusive space for all. We will continue to show Love and Respect to everyone who walks through our doors, for out of many, we are one people – one Tribe.

We love you. We respect you. 

If you need to talk, we are here to listen.

Thank you for being Jubilee.


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