Split Jerk – Footwork Drills

In our previous blog post, Why You Can’t Split Jerk – And What To Do About It, we discussed several drills for correcting issues in your split jerk.  The first drill helps determine how deep your dip should be to generate the greatest upward momentum in your drive.  The next set of drills are used to develop optimal upward momentum on the barbell in the drive.  Use this final set of drills to develop footwork and balance.

Jerk Balances

The jerk balance is a great drill to work on foot placement and speed. Use a light weight, and perform the jerk balance regularly in warm ups on days you plan to split jerk. To do a jerk balance, hold the bar in front rack and set your feet in the landing position for your split jerk. Take a slight dip and drive the bar to overhead without letting your feet move. If you struggle with your front foot landing in the same spot on every jerk, modify this exercise by starting with your front foot slightly behind where you want it to finish. Drive the bar up and set your front foot forward into the desired landing position.

Split Squats

If you have good footwork but struggle with balance when you catch the bar, split squats will help develop balance and comfort in the catch position.

Pause Balances

Performing pause balances (split jerks holding at the top of each rep for 3 to 5 seconds before recovering) requires your body to make some minor adjustments that will put your feet into an ideal position at the bottom of the split jerk.

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