Split Jerk – Drive Drills

In our previous blog post, Why You Can’t Split Jerk – And What To Do About It, we discussed several drills for correcting issues in your split jerk.  The first drill helps determine how deep your dip should be to generate the greatest upward momentum in your drive.  The next set of drills all used to develop optimal upward momentum on the barbell in the drive.

Pause Press/Jerk

The pause press/jerk is used specifically to help increase body awareness for where you should be at the start of your dip drive.

Jerk Drive

The jerk drive is great for teaching your body to get the maximum amount of force into the bar to drive it up into a push press or jerk.

Back Squat Jumps

Finally, back squat jumps are a great tool for developing the power needed to set a bar in motion.

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