One Love. Respect.

Mark and I are avid fans of Jamaica: the scenery, the people, the vibes…it’s simply perfection.

A big part of what makes this island so unique is the culture of its people. There is a palpable feeling of acceptance for all. In fact, the national motto is Out of Many, One People. When visiting Jamaica, you’ll often hear words and phrases that reinforce this spirit of unity and inclusion: One Love – Respect. These phrases are said not only to guests, but regularly between Jamaicans, so you know it’s a true representation of who they are as a people.

The love, respect and acceptance shown by the Jamaican people is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever encountered.

Now, I know I’ve painted a pretty utopian picture of this tiny island. But the harsh reality is that many people live tough lives in Jamaica. There is pain; there is suffering. What Jamaicans have learned, though, is that simply expressing a little respect to those you meet – even those who are different than you or with whom you disagree – can go a long way in making life better for all.

The makeup of the Jubilee Tribe is much like that of Jamaica in that we are a diverse people. We have young; we have old. We have rich; we have not so rich. We have white; we have black. We have Americans; we have citizens of other nations. We have straight, we have LGBTQ. We have doctors, nurses, law enforcement, entrepreneurs, restaurant servers, car sales people, auto repairmen, military, and the list goes on.

Despite all our differences, the Jubilee Tribe is One People.

To the marginalized: We see you. We love you. We respect you.

To the hurting: We hear you. We love you. We respect you.

To those needing a safe space: We are here for you. We love you. We respect you.

One love. Respect.

Coach April


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