No Wake Zone

Living on the coast, most of us are familiar with No Wake Zones.

If you’re a local beach bum as I am, you’ve likely spent a day or two at Perdido Pass, where the waters are not only beautiful, but are calm – protected from the choppy Gulf waters by structural jetties and from boats by the No Wake Zone.  

No Wake Zones are declared in areas close to shore, where calm waters are important for the safety and comfort of those on the shore and in shallow waters.  The No Wake Zones help ensure a safe, calm environment for the enjoyment of all.

Similarly, Jubilee Fitness & Nutrition has been declared a No Wake Zone – an environment where you can trust that you are safe – physically, mentally and emotionally.  It’s a place of peace, joy, acceptance and a true lack of judgement. Jubilee is a tribe of amazing people who look for ways to build each other up, taking care to respect the experience of each individual.

Come experience the No Wake Zone – leave your worries behind and simply experience the best hour of your day!

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