Motivation Gone? 3 Simple Steps to Bring It Back.

MOTIVATION is the powerful force that can drive you to move mountains.

When it’s present, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. When it’s gone, even taking the next simple step can seem impossible.

From where does motivation come, and why does it leave so quickly?

Motivation is driven by emotion, not rational thought. 

Think back to the last time you were incredibly motivated to do something. Were you motivated because you knew it was something that was good for you to do (rational thought), or was it because you were excited (emotion) about the life you’d have with the results?

When we emotionally commit to something, motivation peaks. As excitement starts to wear off, motivation fades.

Motivation is a powerful tool to help you get started towards a goal, but what will keep you going?

Here are 3 steps to take when you lose motivation:

1. Go back to what got you motivated in the first place.

Think about the finish line. What will life be like when you get there? Find pictures that represent your completed goal and keep them visible as a constant reminder. Daily visualize yourself completing the goal to keep your emotional frequency (and motivation) high.

2. Remember your why.

On a similar note, ask yourself why completion of the goal is important to you. I need you to dig in here…ask yourself why several times until you discover the true reason behind your desires. For example:

Goal: I want to lose 20 pounds.

Why do I want to lose 20 pounds? So I can fit in my cute clothes.

Why do I want to fit in my cute clothes? So I feel good about how I look.

Why do I want to feel good about how I look? So I can be more confident.

Why do I want to be more confident? So people will respect me.

In this example, the real “Why” for the goal is “I want to lose 20 pounds so that I’ll feel respected”. That’s a good bit more compelling than “to fit in cute clothes”, right?

What is your “Why”? Write it out and put it next to your goal pictures! Be sure to include fulfillment of your “Why” when you visualize completion of your goal!

3. Immerse yourself in a culture that supports who you want to become.

Doing anything on your own is challenging. Doing something new that is different from what everyone around you is doing can be nearly impossible. 

Simply by surrounding yourself with people who regularly do what you want to do, live like you want to live, and behave how you want to behave, you’ll greatly improve your chances of success. Being in a culture that supports your goals provides a positive environment for growth. 

We become like those we spend the most time with; how many people in your life mirror the habits you desire to create?

Find people who will help you measure and celebrate your progress. People who will guide you through the valleys and plateaus of your journey. People who will hold you accountable to success.  

It is normal and natural for levels of motivation to rise and fall. How we respond to lack of motivation will directly determine whether or not we succeed.

Do you have unmet health or fitness goals due to regular loss of motivation? We can help!

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