I have a confession…

I have a confession to make.

I have a tendency of telling potential new clients what they want to hear in our first meeting – we sit down and I ask what they want to achieve.  Then, I say that it’s our primary goal to give them the best tools, resources and support to help them reach that goal. But, that isn’t the truth.

Well, it’s a partial truth – we DO want to give you all the tools, resources and support to reach your goals. And we want to be consistently re-evaluating those goals to check for progress and set new goals throughout your journey.

But, it’s not a complete truth, because that isn’t our PRIMARY goal.

You see, helping you reach the goal you come in with, while incredibly important, is short sighted. What happens when you reach that goal? Do you resume life as “normal” and go back to the way things were before? If you do return to previous habits, what happens to the progress you made?

No – our primary goal is NOT to help you reach your initial goals.

Our PRIMARY GOAL is to help you FALL IN LOVE WITH THE PROCESS of reaching your goals. That’s right. We want you to LOVE coming to the gym. We want you to LOVE the nutritious foods you put into your body. We want you to LOVE and APPRECIATE your body for the amazing vessel that it is. We want you to be in awe of all that it can do, and to treat it well so that it can do even more.

It’s when you begin to LOVE these things that a switch in your brain flips. Suddenly, you start doing these things – regular exercise and a balanced diet – not as punishment, but for the love of yourself. And you begin to crave this healthy lifestyle. When you miss the gym for a few days, you feel like you are missing a piece of you. When you eat something fried, your body fights back (sorry about that, Mr. Tummy).

Nothing brings me more joy than to see the sparkle in someone’s eye when it clicks. When they push through their first hard workout and realize that they CAN DO THIS! Then they show up the next day and prove it to themselves once again. When they find a new way to prepare a vegetable that they actually like. When they enter the doors with a SMILE rather than fear of imminent doom.

As you fall in love with the process, you become even more consistent in your healthy habits. And then those goals…well, they kind of start taking care of themselves!

So, there you have it – our “ugly truth”. Sorry, not sorry.

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