“Healthcare” vs “Health Care”

I’ve been a pharmacist for 12 years.  I chose a career in pharmacy because I had a desire to help people live better lives; I believe this is probably true for most people working in healthcare.  In pharmacy school, we were taught to be empathetic, and to counsel patients on both medication use and lifestyle changes; as the most accessible members of the healthcare team, we would be on the front lines and could help patients achieve better outcomes.  It sounded wonderful!  Unfortunately, the real world has fallen far short of this utopian picture.

Real world healthcare is riddled with challenges that often prevent providers from having the ability to truly affect positive change in the lives of their patients.  As a society, we have become very reliant on the use of medications to fix problems.  The issue with this, of course, is that medications rarely fix anything (antibiotics and antivirals aside).  Most medications only mask symptoms of an underlying disease and when the medication is stopped, the symptoms will return.

As a medical provider, I have found myself asking, “Is this really the best we can do to help people care for their health?”  I think not.  Unfortunately, the level of care that health professionals can give is limited by our healthcare system.  We are reactive rather than proactive, giving medical care to people only once they are already sick because those are the services for which individuals and insurance companies are willing to pay.

What if this were different?  What if we took a proactive approach that started with education and training healthy habits?  How much healthier could our population be if we focused more on prevention of disease rather than “treatment” of it?

Unfortunately, there isn’t nearly as much money to be made in prevention as there is in “treatment”, so it’s not likely that we will see a huge shift in the healthcare system any time soon.  But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t choose to make positive changes for ourselves!

After spending more than a decade in healthcare, I’ve decided to transition away from the reactive side of healthcare and into the proactive side.  As a Fitness Level 1 trainer and nutrition coach, I will teach clients how to replace bad daily habits with good ones.  Using Fitness methodology, I will help clients gain strength and mobility that will allow them to live more functional lives.  Following a plan written by a Registered Dietician, I will help clients create and follow a nutrition strategy that is ideal for them.  Together, these efforts can help thwart chronic disease and improve long-term quality of life.  Now, that is health care.

Are you ready for some proactive health care?  Let us help you!  Schedule your No Sweat Intro today to talk with one of our expert coaches about how you can improve your health!


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