Diets Work! But, Which One Is Best?

How many diets can you think of off hand?  Let’s see, there’s…Paleo, Whole 30, Keto, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Vegetarian/Vegan, and the list goes on!

How many of those diets have you tried?  What were your results?

Most likely, you had some success on all of them, right?  So, what happened?  Why did they stop working?  Probably because you stopped following them.  So, if they were working, why did you stop following them?

I’ve heard variations of this story many times…you were doing well, but then the weekend came along and your friends/family wanted to order pizza and drink a couple beers (sub your favorite food/drink).  You tried to stay strong, but it looked sooooo good!  So, you promised yourself only a taste.  Several pieces of pizza and a few drinks later, you felt like a complete failure and gave up on your diet.

How many times has that happened?

You think to yourself, “Clearly, the diets work…it’s me and my will power that’s the problem!”

Friends, if you’ve told yourself that lie before, or if you are telling yourself that lie now, just stop it.  Willpower and discipline aren’t your issue!

Before we talk about what your main issue is, let’s talk briefly about why diets work.  Chances are, if you’ve read this far, you’ve tried several diets.  And, as discussed before, most of them probably led to some success.  So, how is it that diets that are so different from one another (low fat vs low to no carb or animal protein vs vegan) could all yield similar results?

Perhaps it isn’t so much what you are eating as it is that you are paying more attention to and caring more about what you are eating.  When following any diet, you are more likely to be concerned with food quality (consuming more whole, unprocessed foods) than otherwise; this helps eliminate nutrient deficiencies and helps control appetite and food intake.  Additionally, when following a diet, you are more likely to engage in physical activity.  All of these things together promote fat loss.

Despite all of this good, most people eventually fail every diet they try and it has nothing to do with will power.  It has to do with the fact that diets are built around “rules”.  While this can be a good thing for a short time, as “rules” provide structure and a bit of “safety”, they also set you up for failure because with “rules” there are absolute rights and wrongs, and wrong means failure.

Habit-based programs are much more effective than diet-based programs.

Long-term nutrition habits trump diet plans and “rules”. Always.

We prefer a nutritional progression model (which builds habits intelligently and sustainably over time) versus asking people to “follow a diet” (which means doing a full lifestyle overhaul on Day One).

So, the best diet to follow actually is …

…the one that you can follow on your worst days…the one that helps you reach your goals without making you feel less human…the one that you can live with (happily and sanely).

Not sure what that looks like?

Let us listen to your needs. What you want to accomplish. How you live. What’s really important to you. Then let us help you create the right dietary approach for you; one that’s specific to your goals and your lifestyle.

Because that’s what we do.

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