COVID Update: July 2021

What’s Happening

As a Health and Wellness Coaching Company, we at Jubilee Fitness and Nutrition are invested in keeping you well.

Last March, when COVID first started ramping up, we were ahead of the curve – being the first in our area to develop and implement a plan for keeping our members training with an at-home solution. We even closed our physical doors a week before any mandates were issued out of concern for the wellbeing of our members and staff.

This Fall, we face a familiar challenge, and we will face it with wisdom gained from our first experience.

As you see above, Baldwin County is currently listed at Very High Risk of COVID-19 spread in the community.  Throughout the month of July, daily case numbers have tripled and there’s no indication that we may expect a plateau or drop in case counts any time soon.  In fact, with school starting in a couple weeks, we may expect an even larger spike in August.

The Delta Variant is currently the dominant strain, and it has been shown to be more contagious (easily spread), with severe symptoms occurring with greater frequency across all age groups, compared to last year’s strain. It appears as though the method of spread continues to be through aerosolized droplets and not through surface touch.

What To Expect From Jubilee

General Safety:

In order to keep you safe and ensure your best experience, we have always limited class sizes. We will continue to do so, and STRONGLY encourage the use of our reservation system to ensure your spot in class. 

Although COVID-19 is not spread through surface contamination, other diseases are (flu, stomach viruses, etc). We have provided clean rags and disinfectant spray to clean equipment after each use, and we mop visibly soiled areas on the floor with a disinfectant solution after each class.


As we operate in an open-air facility, Jubilee has never required masks and has no plans to ever require masks for members or staff. As an individual, however, you do have the option to wear a mask, but are highly advised to decrease the intensity of your workouts while wearing a mask.


Jubilee has not and never will require vaccination of members or staff. Choosing to be vaccinated, or not, is a personal medical decision and should not be forced upon anyone.

That being said, most of our current staff have chosen to be vaccinated for their own safety, as well as yours.

Indoor Classes:

Our current class caps allow for a minimum 6 feet distance between athletes at all times, thus following government recommendations for distancing.

Should recommendations change, we will make adjustments as necessary in order to keep you training! Options may include (but are not limited to) decreasing class sizes further and/or moving classes to the parking lot.

Facility Closure:

Unlike last year, we will not close our facility unless mandated to do so. In the case of such a mandate, we will explore every possible option for keeping in-person training available, as most everyone benefits more from actual human contact and interaction.

Should all in-person training options be exhausted and we be forced to close, we will review the at-home training plan we used last year and implement improvements to give an even greater experience this year.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

We aim to provide a Safe Space for our members at Jubilee. Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, please reply to this email so that we may address them together.

Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be Strong. Be Jubilee.

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