CORONAVIRUS: What We’re Doing at Jubilee to Keep You Safe, Healthy and FIT

Dear friends,
The Coronavirus is creating a lot of chaos, but there are many bright spots. Here are just a few:
No. 1: You’ve prioritized your health and fitness. You’ve done everything you can to prepare for anything. You’re strong and healthy, and you have an iron will earned through training. That virus is going to have a fight on its hands if it runs into you.
No. 2: People in the US have time to prepare. While gyms in Italy and Denmark have been shut down, we have time to plan. We’ll be very prepared to help our clients stay fit as governments work to manage the pandemic.
No. 3: Spring is on the way, and we’ll be able to use large, well ventilated outside spaces if needed.
No. 4: We’re talking to the best gym owners and business mentors daily to learn how we can serve our clients best right now.
We know people around the world, and as a client of ours, you’ll benefit from that. You can expect a world-class response to the coronavirus. Read on.
Here’s what we’re doing in the short term:
Within the gym space, effective immediately, we have increased the frequency and extent of our Cleaning and Sanitizing protocols. Additionally, we’ll be making changes to programming to minimize the amount of equipment used each day and we will build in a little extra class time to ensure you have time to clean your equipment both before and after use. Until the threat has passed, all workouts will be individual rather than partner or team workouts. Finally, coaches will now be checking you into classes to minimize shared touching of the screens. Please continue to reserve your classes to make this process easier!
For now, class schedules are unaffected. However, should a coach become ill or be exposed through a person with known illness, they will be asked to take time away to minimize the risk to others. We will do our absolute best to cover all classes with healthy coaches, but there may be times when classes must be cancelled. We will keep you updated as the situation changes.
And here’s how you can help:
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol if soap and water are not readily available.
    • We have provided soap and paper towels for hand washing at all sinks in our facility.
    • Additionally, hand sanitizer is placed next to the check-in tablets in the gym.
  • Avoid sharing equipment.
  • Thoroughly clean your equipment after use using provided sanitizing spray and clean rags.
  • Avoid handshakes, high fives and fist bumps – let’s try air high fives and fist bumps for a while!
  • Allow as much space between you and the person next to you as possible during workouts, as we all tend to mouth breathe when tired.
  • If you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and then wash your hands.
  • If you are sick or showing any signs of sickness, STAY HOME.
  • If anyone in your home is sick or if you’ve been exposed to any known cases, STAY HOME.
Long-Term Plans
We are preparing in case the government-mandated closures in other places happen here. As a leader in the fitness industry, we have a huge network of resources, and we’re using that to make a solid plan.
We are already in the process of building out an online personal training coaching program! This program will soon be offered as a regular service priced higher than our group rates, as it will be personalized with daily follow up and coaching. The timing of this new service development could not be better BECAUSE, should you decide that you need to step out of the public for the safety of yourself and your family, or should the gym be closed down for a time period, we will be able to offer this online coaching service to you – and we’ll offer it for the duration of this crisis at your regular membership rate! What that means is that you will be able to continue towards your fitness goals in the comfort of your own home and won’t lose any margin of health due to Coronavirus! Should you need this option prior to any forced shut downs, please reach out to me (or notify any coach so that I can reach out to you), and we will get you set up!
No matter what Coronavirus brings in the coming weeks, we will not stop providing you with coaching, programming and inspiration. We take a lot of pride in being a rock for our clients, and we’ll make sure you keep working out even if the government wants you to do it at home. You pay us for coaching, and we will deliver it without interruption. We’ll show the exact same enthusiasm and care over the internet. You may not get a physical fist bump after a great workout, but our emoji game is very, very strong.
Thank you for your continued support of Jubilee and its mission to arm every Alabamian with knowledge, skills and support necessary to build healthier lifestyle habits. We are more than prepared for this.
Coach April

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