3 Surprising Facts about Jubilee (#1 is that it is NOT a gym!)

I was recently asked, “What type of business do you own – what services do you provide and to whom?”

On the surface, this question is easy to answer. I own a gym and provide fitness and nutrition coaching. To whom? My clients! Duh!

But, as I was writing that out, I stopped in my tracks because that answer is not entirely accurate.

The truth is:

  • I don’t own a “gym”. I own a wellness company. 
  • My company doesn’t just provide fitness and nutrition coaching. Rather, we provide a safe space in a crazy world where members can let their emotional guards down as they build confidence in the strength and power of their physical bodies, giving them the feeling of earned accomplishment on a daily basis.
  • For whom do we do this? Primarily, focused professionals. Our members are hard workers. They are not lacking for determination or grit. They strive to be their absolute best in every area of their lives, and they recognize that they will rarely get very far, very fast going it alone. In their professional lives, they have teams who help them accomplish their mission. In their personal lives, they have relationships built on love and trust. For their health and wellness, they have Jubilee – a team of experienced guides and a supportive tribe to develop the habits necessary for a tremendous quality of life.

Why do we do this? It is common to encounter individuals who are continually making progress in most aspects of life – career, family, faith – yet, they struggle when it comes to health and physical fitness. This leaves a gaping hole in one’s ability to live confidently, and often leads to limiting beliefs such as self-doubt. We believe that, by bridging that gap, our clients become more able – physically and emotionally – to live boldly and confidently. And there is nothing more beautiful in this world than a human being living out their fullest potential.

Do you need help bridging the gap to health and fitness?

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In health,

Coach April

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