3 Steps to Prepping and LOVING Your Veggies

Don’t like vegetables?

That’ll change with these simple strategies.

Adapted from Precision Nutrition’s article: 3 steps for prepping (and loving) your veggies.
by James Heathers and Jennifer Nickle
Whether Paleo or vegan, fasting or “feed-often”, Mediterranean or New Nordic, almost all “health-conscious diets” agree on one thing:

You should eat your greens.

Naturally, we’re in an agreement here at Jubilee Fitness & Nutrition. Yet there’s something even more important that should never be ignored.

Many clients “just don’t like vegetables.”

Faces contorted, they recount difficult memories of plant-inflicted pain.

“School cafeteria Brussels sprouts scarred me for life.”

“I don’t know how to cook vegetables. Mom microwaved everything.”

“Broccoli? You mean stinky socks? Gross.”

Here’s the great news.

Despite past experiences (and unique taste preferences) almost anyone can learn to love their 5-a-day with this easy 3-step formula. It creates flavor combos that balance out bitterness and taste delicious.

If you’re looking to improve your own veggie intake, download the formula for your printer or tablet and stick it to your fridge for quick reference.

Again, to remind yourself to step outside the plant-food comfort zone, you can download a printable or tablet-friendly version of this infographic.

Also, for a complete explanation of this infographic (with scientific references) check out Precision Nutrition’s accompanying article, “What to do when you don’t like vegetables.

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